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Always in love

I was an awkward thirteen year-old. And like all other young women in my generation, I was madly in love with two guys: Michael and David. Oh - and I wanted to change my name to Star.

The Lost Boys came out in July 1987, starring every hot young male actor of the time, pretty much. Lots of fans were all about the "Coreys" - Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. Not me. I was all about the vampires, mostly Kiefer Sutherland. Tall, blonde, motorcycle-riding, and downright scary, he was my favorite.

Of course, Jami Gertz's girl vampire was pretty fantastic, too. Looking back, I wonder now why she never showed her fangs. Did the directors want to keep her pretty? I mean, she was breathtakingly beautiful with her long chestnut tresses, flowing hippie skirts, and lacy tops. Believe this: every rack at the mall was searched for a Star-esque wardrobe. Alas, in small town PA where I grew up, there were no such outfits to be had. In my early 20s, living in New York City... you guessed it. I finally found my chiffon skirts and fitted lace tops. And though 8 years had passed at that point, I still wanted Star's effortless style. The breezy gorgeous, the confident sly smiles, the gypsy-Stevie-Nick-attire.

Star had something else, too. Two handsome male vampires competing for her affection. Michael, actor Jason Patric was the good guy, who fought his vampire urges. The other: arrogant and evil David, played by Kiefer Sutherland, one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE actors. David, with his rock star swagger and dangling earrings, ripped through my mind for years. In my fondest daydreams, my own tall, dark, handsome lover would appear, throw me on the back of his motorcycle, and we'd ride into the night to escape it all as "Cry Little Sister," a song from the movie, played in the background.

Of course, this is real life. If any vampires are out there, they haven't shown up asking to be invited into my house. Kiefer is known more for 24, Designated Survivor, and his real-life drunken arrests than this movie to modern audiences. And now, in the age of Amazon-all-things internet shopping, I can get all the flowing gypsy skirts or lace eyelet tops my heart desires.

This magnet, pictured above, proudly decorates my fridge. Everytime I see it I'm taken right back to the summer between 7th and 8th grades and all the magic of this film. The hours of begging my mom and dad to take me to see this R-rated flick. The anticipation. The thrill. The hip of it all. This was THE LOST BOYS and as I clutched my Junior Mints in the theater, I knew it would be all I had dreamed of... It delivered. My parents took me back 2 more times before I started the long wait for the vampires to return via video tape to the local Blockbuster even as I lusted for my vampire to come rescue me from the mundane.

To this moment, I would argue that The Lost Boys holds up as a classic vampire flick. A band of ruthless young vamps, terrorizing a California beach town and taken down by the Coreys and a grandpa? You have to love it. I do. It was the perfect vampire story for the late 80s. Beautiful monsters, comic book nerds, a soundtrack that included INXS, hot guys on motorcycles. It was all every girl wanted, me included. When it came out on VHS, I watched it so many times, the tape finally broke.

These days, at 45 I'm more life-worn than I was in 1987. Really, with all it's twists and turns, I don't want a vampire do come whisk me away from my life anymore. Rescue is a relative idea and I don't know what a vamp could offer to save me from reality - short of making me into a vampire, too. When I daydream now about heading off into moonlight with my enigmatic vampire, I ride my own motorcycle. Cuz I don't need him to rescue me from my life, but I'd still love that midnight moto ride. :)

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