• Rissa

Can't win them all ~

Last year I entered the Baltimore Playwrights Festival for the first time. The group takes 80 submissions and produced 8 shows, all by Maryland-based playwrights. My one act play was based on interviews I did about the experiences of women in professional workplaces. Starting the process, I felt sure that in April 2017 (when I wrote it), that the improvements in professional settings would be dramatic. I was wrong. And this was written just before #metoo came out. Now we all know, the challenges facing women are as prevalent as ever.

The stories told in my play are true, based in the women I interviewed. And while I did not win one of the coveted 8 production slots, I got back these outstanding reviews from the BPF critics:

The play is called "Making Waves: A Dramatic Glimpse into Women & the Workplace in One Act." It won't see production in Baltimore at this time, but I'm not done with it. Now it's time to revisit and rewrite. Never know- perhaps some enterprising theater that has insight into women's issues - and the guts to stage a show like this one is out there looking for my script right now!

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