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Date Night: 10x10x10 with Jess

Date nights with girlfriends are the best. A few days ago, gal pal Jess and I checked out the 2018 10x10x10 at Fells Point Corner Theater. Every year, FPCT puts on a show of ten original ten minute plays, all written by playwrights in Maryland. I've attended before, but this year's selections are absolutely outstanding. Each one was well-written, unique and produced perfectly.

A little about our favorite plays of the evening ~

Richard Pauli -While in a Parallel Dimension - Okay, this one was OUR FAVORITE, hand down. It's a spoof on the X-files, of which Jess and I are both huge fans. Two FBI agents show up, looking for the way into a parallel dimension. Socks and wire coat hangers are involved. And as long as you know something about the X-files, you're going to laugh so hard, you might pee in your seat a little.

Mark Scharf - The Last Ten - What would you say to your partner if you found out you had only ten minutes left to live? This very realistic couple made us both laugh and reflect.

MJ Perrin- Open Mic - Powerful. Using poems presented in an Open Mic format, you hear the changing voice of a black lesbian writer at different stages in her life. Emotional and moving, from college to mature adulthood.

Rufus Dawlings- Mr. Shells Gets Shipped East For Beef - Jess and I are both vegan, so this story, about what the Earth will look like when it no longer can support animal agriculture and people begin eating other people for meat, really hit home for us. How would you decide who gets eaten and who gets to eat?

Jennifer Harrison- Shrimp at the Radisson - The most awkward blind date story you've ever heard. What happens when your date shows up and they're young enough to be your child? This woman plays it well and the story is both poignant and funny.

The other plays were Alice Stanley- Crito; DC Cathro- The Fine Art of Critiquing the Hang of the Shoe; Daniel Collins- What's the Point; and Tatiana Nya Ford- Hello, baby. I miss you.

You know, one of these days, perhaps I'll submit a play and see if the Fells Point Corner Theatre might like my writing. Never know!

The 10x10x10 2018 show runs through May 6. Check it out and grab tickets online. You also get to vote on which playwright wins $150 for the "Best Play" award.

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