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Date Night: Collide

Modern dance isn't for everyone. As an art form, it's emotive, non-literal and fluid. You have to be willing to re-engage as an audience member and see with your soul as much as any part of your brain.

Last night Deep Vision Dance Company and ASEID, two modern dance troupes, presented Collide at the Theatre Project in Baltimore.

Ten dancers presented seven pieces, choreographed by either Nicole Martinelli or Alison Seidenstricker. While photos were not permitted during the show (the above is a promotionional still from the website, this is "Visions," the last number), each set was breathtaking and intimate.

My friend Katrina attended with me and we both were taken with Tender Root, a duet by Martinelli and Malcom Shute depicting the journey of a plant taking root in nature. The movement was subtle and pure, with a tangible warmth.

Though brief, we both enjoyed the solo "A Moment of..." set to piano music. And the entire audience, both us included, loved "Cadence, or Lack Thereof." In Cadence, two female dancers spoke aloud the choreography as they executed each step. Initially, I was taken back to my decade as a dancer and felt the familiarity of such an inner monologue. Usually when you're learning a new song, the steps go through your mind in just such a way. However, the complexity grew - the two dancers began to assign double meanings to the choreography terms and soon, it was an actual dialog, both verbal and physical. The clever and quirky charm of this number truly won both myself and Katrina. It was our favorite from the entire evening.

An evening of theater is never complete without time to discuss the show and sip something lovely. After the show we walked about ten paces to local favorite, Red Emma's Cafe and Bookstore. If you love incredible desserts and coffee drinks (or they have wine and cocktails), definitely check this place out. I mean, just LOOK at this lemon-lavender pound cake! Another wonderful night out ~ <3

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